Big gadget launches and Big Trust – Mobile World Congress 2014 Day 2

If Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote yesterday focused our attention on emerging markets and connecting the unconnected to the mobile web, today we took a look at the high-end again, as we took a tour of the show floor to gawp at the hot new devices on offer. The big gadget to check out was the Samsung [...]

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Mark Zuckerburg and Nokia look to connect the world – Mobile World Congress 2014 Day 1

With a show the size of Mobile World Congress, it seems only right that the biggest name in technology – Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg – delivered the first big headline keynote.Few things can prepare you for the scale of MWC and it seems scale is what Zuckerberg wants to talk about, too. Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp [...]

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All aboard! How tablets and smartphones are changing the face of travel

We’ve been giving a lot of thought to the travel industry lately, as we believe mobile is increasingly playing a role in how consumers, research, book, and manage their holidays and travel. Our latest infographic ‘Destination Mobile’ highlights a number of trends and developments – in terms of new consumer behaviours as well as the industry’s response. […]

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The average UK Citizen owns a whopping 11.4 types of media devices up from 9.7 in 2011


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Keys, Money, Phone

Tiles have been getting a lot of press this week and with good reason, it’s a pretty cool product, if not a killer one.  Looking roughly a centimetre square, these little suckers will attach to all the important items we need every day and can be tracked via an iOS application.  So how do they work?  They are powered by Bluetooth and have a 50m to 150m range.  […]

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The Twelve Apps of Christmas

Here are Yodel Mobile’s twelve apps of Christmas, to get you happily through this festive season, allowing you more time for mulled wine and mince pies. We’ll take you through Christmas from finding the perfect gifts, right up to the big day itself… First come the presents, often the most daunting Christmas task. But there are a lot of apps out there which can help bring calm into the stressful high street…  […]

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Mobile Phones… As Spidey once said

A Recent report by the International Telecommunication Union has said that there are now as many Phone subscriptions in the world as there are people. Ying It is incredibly staggering to see that fact written down. Especially when you think that the mobile phone ecosystem is really no more that 20 years old. […]

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Protecting your iPhone if it gets stolen

This blog was inspired by a story in the The Evening Standard last week where a Bloke had his Phone nicked and recommended how to keep his phone and data safe. You read a lot from mobile experts stating that the mobile phone is the most important portable device for many. Generally, however, mobile phone […]

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From small screen to smaller screen – celebrating the Jubilee on mobile.

When Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation was televised, 20 million people in the UK watched it via only 2 million TV screens. Family, friends and neighbours crammed into the front rooms of the 10% of homes who were lucky (or loaded)enough to have one of those magical moving-picture boxes in their home. […]

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Keep taking the Tablets

People are buying mobile tablets hand over fist, 14Million were shipped last year (source: Apple) and it’s predicted that over 85,000,000 will be sold this year across the globe. Not all of them will be iPads or iPad2s ( or even iPad3s if the rumours for a pre Christmas launch are to be believed) a large number of these tablets will be from the pool of the anticipated 200 different makes and models released before 2012. […]

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