Mobile Engagement Part 2 – Yodel’s Five Golden Rules

Push messaging is a hugely powerful tool – a properly managed campaign can double app usage and consumer engagement with branded apps. We feel many companies just focus on downloads and don’t leave much thought for engagement beyond this stage.  We ran some research over the Christmas period on a sample of 20 mobile apps [...]

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The Afternoon Club: The journey to app engagement

Our Afternoon Club event was a great chance to delve into the world of app engagement. With speakers from the likes of Avios, HasOffers – not to mention yours truly – it was a great chance to really learn from the experts on app marketing and app engagement. One key message across all the presentations was [...]

Mobile Engagement Part 1: When push comes to shove

If your mobile strategy includes an app, then don't overlook the role push notifications can play in engaging your customers. The ability to deliver push notifications is built into every smartphone, and push offers a great way to improve your mobile app marketing and achieve more once you've secured that download. It's fair to say that since 2008, [...]

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All aboard! How tablets and smartphones are changing the face of travel

We’ve been giving a lot of thought to the travel industry lately, as we believe mobile is increasingly playing a role in how consumers, research, book, and manage their holidays and travel. Our latest infographic ‘Destination Mobile’ highlights a number of trends and developments – in terms of new consumer behaviours as well as the industry’s response. […]

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Top mobile phone apps and advice for the festival season

You know that festival season is well and truly here when you wake up to talk on the Radio about what the weather gods are going to be doing over Glastonbury for the next few days. The summer is ahead of us and every weekend from now until the end of September there is at least one major festival and a handful of boutique or music specific ones. The office is going to be quiet for the next couple of days as half the team have headed out to Glasto. […]

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Mobile makes dreams come true in Euro 2012

s been a great week for football on mobile.  This European Championship we can use mobile to do more than ever before.  We can use it to inform and entertain us, help us have fun and even fulfill some of our dreams this Euro 2012. Unsuprisingly there are apps out that keep us up-to-date with the latest Euro 2012 scores.  […]

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Festival Apps take to the Stage this Summer

Time to unpack the muddy tents, don the colourful wellies and crack open the warm beers; Festival Season is upon us! This glorious, (we pray) sunny and hazy season, takes to the stage next weekend with Isle of Wight and Download kicking things off in the UK. The US, always one step ahead, held their Detroit “Movement 2011” Festival at the end of May, featuring Fat Boy Slim, Carl Craig and Skrillex, as well as another addition to its impressive lineup; their improved (and impressive) iphone app. […]

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Top Apps for the Travelers Backpack

Whether you’re heading “into the wild” or just trying to lighten the suitcase this summer, don’t leave home without the iphone tucked safety next to the passport. Every holiday maker, and dubiously unshaven traveler, is frantically trying to shed some baggage and, while some may take this to extremes (searching for the “Zen-like” hippy state, free of all possessions), most just want a little less to haul off the conveyer belt at Heathrow. […]

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