Keeping it in the Family with video chat

Why yell up the stairs to summon your kids when dinner is ready? A simple video call will do the job just as well apparently. It seems British families are forging ahead with a new trend – according to research from Microsoft Advertising, one in three families communicate digitally while within the house. The study surveyed 1,500 families in the UK, and also found that the average British household has six internet-connected devices in use. […]

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Mobile ad spend rockets as brands realise purchasing power of devices

Dramatic new figures from the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) and PwC show that mobile advertising spend more than doubled in the first half of 2013 compared to the same period last year. Mobile advertising grew by 127% to £429 million in the first six months of 2013, and mobile now accounts for 14% of total digital spend and 20.4% of total digital display advertising. The IAB’s Digital Adspend report also sheds light on the sectors that are growing fastest in mobile display. […]

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Geo Targeting Ads

We are very excited in the office this week, Monday is the start of the UK’s first geographically targeted mobile campaign, and we are at the centre of it all. […]

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Yodel Digital

Working on my first strategy for a pitch has got me thinking, why do agencies always use the already tried and tested network and carrier approach, using ad banners on popular sites to the particular target audience when we should as advertisers on the most personal and unique media available, use the most innovative tools we can. […]

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why’s it been so quiet?

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted a blog. The reality of it all is that things have been so busy at work that there hasn’t even been time to write a few words on what we’ve been up to. I’m sorry about that and promise to do better over the next few months. An abridged summary of the last few months includes the fact that we had a stand at adtech and on the back of that have been really busy with a number of new projects. […]

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The 80/20 rule

The balance between money spent on developing a mobile site, offer or application verses the cost of promoting the mobile entity when it is finally complete seems to me to be pretty topsy turvey. It’s been irking me for some while. In the off line world the oldest rule of thumb is that you would set your budget for the campaign or the promotion at no more than 20% of the overall budget. In fact, the majority of businesses cap it at around 10% of the overall budget available. […]

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