Looking for that next big opportunity?

In all professions throughout the world people are looking to prove themselves, not only to those around them but to themselves. This is advertising to brands and they are no different; wanting to show the world they are the most adventurous, forward thinking and visionary brand. Within mobile advertising the numbers of clients are growing and the budgets are slowly increasing. […]

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My First Week at a Mobile Advertising Agency

When asked about the CPC rates of a banner I pull my “Bambi on ice” expression (as Tom calls it). Next to me, my hideous £7.99 “Alcatel” phone buzzes away. This is my first week in mobile and everything is new. I spent the past year in social media monitoring and, rather naively, I used my phone to text, calculate my bank balance and drop-call my mum. I was totally oblivious to the power of mobile and, more importantly, the future and potential of this small but rapidly growing medium. […]

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The future of the UK market, what can we learn from the U.S?

The US mobile market is a large scale UK market, the methods and techniques used across the Atlantic are those that we should be taking notice off, as they will become available here sooner rather than later. […]

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Location, Location, Kerching

Location discovery is one of the Yodel four pillars of “the Magic that is mobile”. It’s unique to mobile and gives it a massive edge on other internet and wifi devices. It’s not hard to see the value to both consumers and businesses of devices being able to tell you, or the service you are using, were you are. […]

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Things you need to know about Android

Android is the Google developed mobile phone operating system that currently runs 12.1% of the phones in the UK ( conmscore) and 25% of total phones globally ( The Guardian). Considering that the first Android phone (the T-Mobile G1), launched 22nd October 2008, this is an incredible and rapid growth. The speed of take up of Android appears to be faster than that of the Apple phone and operating systems. […]

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look at the fixed line internet to guage the future of mobile

This is a copy of the thought leadership piece I wrote for Mobile Marketing Magazine’s December edition you can access the full magazine here When looking forward to the future it’s always smart to look back and see what happened in the past in similar circumstances. And in order to determine the growth and spread of mobile we don’t have to go far back into the past to see what’s likely to happen . […]

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Mobile Observation – Tokyo Japan.

I have recently returned from a trip to Japan, whilst staying in Tokyo I noticed quite a few mobile phone observations that I would like to share. Japan has the most developed mobile (phone) market in the world. They have been using the mobile internet across a variety of local handsets for 10 years now. […]

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AR – The future, now

Holograms, radar maps and ‘geotagging’ are no longer far off futuristic idea’s that make you instantly think of science fiction movies like star wars, no, these are the words of the near future for mobile advertisers. Augmented reality or AR to you and I is an iPhone user looking at their surroundings through their phones camera and getting a digital layer of information, from restaurant ratings, venue and sports fixtures to historical facts. […]

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The State of the Mobile Market

After attending a very insightful and rewarding IAB led course on mobile marketing, it is clear to see their passion and excitement for a media that is vastly growing in 2010 and beyond. Figures show that 2009 recorded the biggest decline in advertising spend since records began, yet mobile advertising increased by over 30%. […]

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iPhone 4G – This changes everything. Again.

As the UK’s first strategic planning and buying company for mobile media we know how important it is for our clients to know we understand not only how the market is developing but how the technology that allows us to communicate with our consumers is developing. […]

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