Mobile World Congress 2014 – The Round Up

That's it folks, the world’s mobile execs, tech journalists and PR people are flying home – Mobile World Congress 2014 is over. To reflect an industry that grows in importance every year, MWC 2014 was the biggest show yet, and the defining moment was the appearance of Mark Zuckerberg. In previous years, MWC’s keynote has been [...]

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Blackberry left behind as mobile moves beyond the pocket – Mobile World Congress 2014 Day 3

Relax, Barcelona – Mobile World Congress 2014 is starting to wind down. It seems fitting that people have only really got round to talking about BlackBerry today as people start to physically and psychologically check out of the show, even though RIM launched its new phones yesterday. In a few short years, the BlackBerry has [...]

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Big gadget launches and Big Trust – Mobile World Congress 2014 Day 2

If Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote yesterday focused our attention on emerging markets and connecting the unconnected to the mobile web, today we took a look at the high-end again, as we took a tour of the show floor to gawp at the hot new devices on offer. The big gadget to check out was the Samsung [...]

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4G or not 4G, that is the next question for mobile advertisers.

The 4G service will see mobile phones communicate in the same way as your desktop computer, with the same or evenbetter data rates. Unlike its previous cousins, 4G is designed as a data network not a voice one. So it uses the same TCP/IP protocols that underpin the internet. That will make 4G ideal for streaming video and online gaming. Although it may not provide quite the light speed connection we may dream of, it will be four or more times faster than a 3G connection and offer brands a new set of ways to engage with their consumers. […]

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The Apple UDID tracking issue and the solutions

There was quite of buzz a couple of weeks ago when the inevitable was announced by Apple that, in layman’s terms, they were going to start kicking out apps that included UDID tracking from the Apple App store. Most advertisers using tracking through ad networks were using UDID pass -backs to allow them to track the number of downloads they were getting from their display activity.  This meant that they were sailing close to the wind due to the privacy laws In the US. […]

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What’s going to be big in mobile in 2012 ?

ow do you start a blog about “what’s going to big this year in mobile” when every year we’ve been working in the mobile space has been a BIG year for mobile and every year something comes right out of leftfield that you weren’t expecting. […]

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Time for a Christmas pint… where did I put my phone?

This Friday it’s Pre Christmas drinks with a few of my old collage mates, we do it every year, and every year we debate where should we go that’s not too busy where we can have a decent chat. Is there an app for that? I downloaded the AA good pub guide and was very disappointed it was a list app and they look to have simply lifted the info and chucked it into the phone. […]

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Looking for that next big opportunity?

In all professions throughout the world people are looking to prove themselves, not only to those around them but to themselves. This is advertising to brands and they are no different; wanting to show the world they are the most adventurous, forward thinking and visionary brand. Within mobile advertising the numbers of clients are growing and the budgets are slowly increasing. […]

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My First Week at a Mobile Advertising Agency

When asked about the CPC rates of a banner I pull my “Bambi on ice” expression (as Tom calls it). Next to me, my hideous £7.99 “Alcatel” phone buzzes away. This is my first week in mobile and everything is new. I spent the past year in social media monitoring and, rather naively, I used my phone to text, calculate my bank balance and drop-call my mum. I was totally oblivious to the power of mobile and, more importantly, the future and potential of this small but rapidly growing medium. […]

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The future of the UK market, what can we learn from the U.S?

The US mobile market is a large scale UK market, the methods and techniques used across the Atlantic are those that we should be taking notice off, as they will become available here sooner rather than later. […]

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