Merry Christmas from the Yodel Mobile Family!

Our Christmas tree is up and dressed, the advent calendar is half-way eaten and the festive tunes are on. It’s been a fast-paced and rewarding year for Yodel Mobile and we are looking forward to a short breather before the exciting new year begins. We would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and [...]

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The Mobile revolution in Lapland

Mobile has revolutionised industry around the world – and that’s especially true of Lapland’s relentlessly-innovative Christmas sector. We surveyed Lapland’s oddly small and squeaky-voiced workforce, along with their talismanic and food loving CEO Mr Father “Santa Claus” Christmas, to find out exactly what effect mobile is having on the business. […]

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Is There An Apple Evolution Underway?

All is not right with Apple. There has been a recent slip in the share price of the world’s favorite/despised tech provider.  It’s been reported that the sales of the iPhone5 haven’t been as good as they or the markets anticipated, and when even a blip in the success wave that the good ship Apple has been riding since launching the iPhone in June 2007 hits, the price drops. […]

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Cambodian Christmas Party…

This year, instead of sending out written Christmas cards, Yodel donated money to four chosen charities, one being a small school in Cambodia where I volunteered. The teachers decided to save some of this donation, but also to use some of the money for their Christmas party. […]

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Merry Christmas for The Library Project

 When Mick and Mike suggested that, after the success of last year, they wanted to give charitable donations instead of sending out printed Christmas cards I had the charity I wanted to help on the tip of my tongue. The Library Project, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is a small teaching facility, set up on the edge of a slum area and (now moved) rubbish dump. Of course moving the rubbish improved the health of the residents but it also meant everyone now had to walk miles and miles to work every day. […]

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Christmas on your Mobile, a fly on the wall Blogumentary

You read all these stats about how Mcommerce is rocketing, how people are using their mobile to check prices before they buy and how couponing is directing individuals’ impulse purchasing decisions. If you work at a mobile agency (ta-da), you can read all the research and deliver marketing initiatives till you turn blue in the face, but to really get under the skin of it there is nothing like doing it yourself. So this year I’ve decided that my Christmas is going to be done solely on mobile. […]

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Oo Err Missus

The breadth of the mobile opportunity is massive, its growing and it never ceases to surprise me, even after five years in the market world of mobile. When we first started advising our clients on how to use mobile it centred primarily around banners text links and Bluetooth. There was no such thing as an application, the mobile tablet and Kindle hadn’t been heard of, augmented reality sounded like a star trek gizmo and everyone was shying away from SMS because of the TV voting scandals. […]

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