black_friday_shoppersThis year I’ll be using my phone for all my Christmas needs 

It’s Black Friday – the busiest shopping day in the year – The Friday after Thanksgiving in the US and Canada has been the BIG spending day of the Christmas shopping season since 2005. The buzz has started to resonate out from the states to other countries and in the UK it falls around the time of most peoples November pay being in their bank account… it’s going to be a big day at the tills. Most retailers use today as a dip-stick of how their Christmas is going to shape up.

By 08:20 I’d got my first Black Friday email on the iphone, HMV is telling me they have loads of savings on top titles – good timing as 83% of smartphone users check their emails out of work. I clicked on the link with trepidation expecting a link to a web site, but Bingo, got a redirect to this site:


10/10 HMV you’ve given the user the opportunity to download the app or visit you on the Msite. I got the app and despite there being no black Friday reference I enjoyed the easy process of making the first Christmas purchase ( Cars2 for Wii if you are interested) on my mobile. We were up and running and I was waiting for all the other emails coming into my phone with Black Friday offers. But It’s now mid-afternoon and I haven’t had another one at all. Nowt. So I can’t see if another retailer is going to send an email link that only goes to their Web site and I can tell the world about it, shame. They may know the 83% stat and plan to send them this evening, if so I’ll be readying and willing to buy buy buy.

What I learnt today: HMV surprised me nicely with their foresight, and that other retailers need to get their skates on and take the key date opportunity more seriously… and tie it in to the phone .