Holograms, radar maps and ‘geotagging’ are no longer far off futuristic idea’s that make you instantly think of science fiction movies like star wars, no, these are the words of the near future for mobile advertisers. Augmented reality or AR to you and I is an iPhone user looking at their surroundings through their phones camera and getting a digital layer of information, from restaurant ratings, venue and sports fixtures to historical facts.
AR is not only exciting for its technological advancement, but for the variety of opportunities that are being unlocked for marketers, allowing a brand to tag itself to popular buildings, areas and destinations can lead to a huge increase of brand awareness.
The arrival of powerful smartphones with built-in video capabilities has signaled the beginning of the AR revolution as they are powerful enough to overlay this digital ‘layer’ of information onto real life. The possibilities of geotagged, targeted adverts opens up a whole new world of opportunities and are open to the possibility of integrating with companies such as Foursquare or Gowalla, allowing a brand to offer relevant discounts or loyalty bonuses to a consumer in a specific area.
AR is another glimpse of the Holy Grail of ads that know exactly who and where you are and we here at Yodel, can’t wait to sink our teeth into it.
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