Mick Rigby Yodel Mobile’s Brighton Superhero

Brighton seafront is a lovely place to take a stroll on a Sunday morning; a stroll to the sound of the seagulls and the waves crashing against the pebbly beach lends itself to being one of the best de-stress routines going. However last Sunday the early morning strollers were serenaded by the footfall of 2,000 superheros of all ages running to raise money for the schools for Africa charity passiton ( www.passingiton.org.uk). […]

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Good old IAB – mobile spends 2008

The IAB (www.iab.com) has just undertaken and published what is probably the first thoroughly accurate research into the amount of money spent on mobile adverting in any one country. They have employed Price Waterhouse to start an annual review of the sector spend via contact with all the major mobile media sales house and some of the leading mobile buying agencies as a cross check. […]

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The 80/20 rule

The balance between money spent on developing a mobile site, offer or application verses the cost of promoting the mobile entity when it is finally complete seems to me to be pretty topsy turvey. It’s been irking me for some while. In the off line world the oldest rule of thumb is that you would set your budget for the campaign or the promotion at no more than 20% of the overall budget. In fact, the majority of businesses cap it at around 10% of the overall budget available. […]

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